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Door-to-Door – How does it work?

Ideal for those who need to transport a vehicle for moving, sale or purchase. The door-to-door delivery system at Start is done with commitment, security and integrity! With this type, it is possible to ensure convenience during pick and delivery, without altering the client’s routine and with all the commodity and safety during the whole process.


We pick up the vehicle

A pick-up time is scheduled, Start picks up the vehicle at the address of your choice, assuring the safety that only a transportation company with years of experience can guarantee. With this system, the company adjusts to the client’s routine, independently of your location or availability.


Scheduled Time and Routes

The pick-up and delivery time for your vehicle will be previously established, according to the client’s needs. With the door-to-door delivery you don’t need to alter your routine or cancel commitments to ship your vehicle.


Skilled Team

We work with highly skilled professionals, in addition to offering a high level risk management plan to transport vehicles. We ensure the safety of cars, motorcycles or any other vehicles transported by Starta. This is a main characteristic of our service.


Delivery with inspection

When collecting a vehicle, Starta provides an electronic report for the vehicle, where it lists any pre-existing damage. During the delivery, the report serves as warranty, ensuring the client that no damage was caused during pick-up, travelling and delivery.


This type of care and dedication gives clients even more security when trusting their precious vehicles to us.


Open Hauler

The car hauler is the main vehicle used to transport vehicles; they are special vehicles used for transportation of them. These trucks give the safety and agility to transport large quantities of cars between long distances, and are usually used by manufactures, rental and businesses.



Close transportation of vehicles is a type of transportation that offers protection to vehicles. It is a great option to ship expensive or classic cars. The price of a enclosed transportation is calculated the same way of an open transportation, however, you will pay 30-40% more per trip for additional protection



Vehicle transportation services for businesses

Start Transport offers service of pick-up/delivery in all national territory of large quantity of vehicles through a modern and safe fleet. In addition, our employees and partners are also well trained to ensure that the entire operation is fast and the transportation service takes place within the given time frame and with safety.

A few options for business transport

Dealer to – Auction, Dealer, Customers

Auction – To dealer, Customers, Port, Storage