Advanced Heading

Whether it is to move, travel, buy a vehicle online or through a private seller in another state, transporting a vehicle through a specialized company has proven to be the best way to save time, money and headache. For long distance, or even not so long, hiring a transporting company can bring several advantages to the client, who won’t need to worry about things like time, tickets, food, fuel and lodging.

In the few last years, hiring the right company to transport a vehicle has become very popular. In reality, owners started to realize that opting for this kind of service can bring several advantages and makes it easier to travel, avoiding damage and mechanical wear of the vehicle that is transported via a car hauler, free of any risk during the journey.

Without worrying about driving a car for long distances, the owner saves on fuel and avoids any alteration to his routine. Depending on the type of transport chosen, the size of the vehicle and distance to the destination, shipping a vehicle can offer low traveling costs.

Scheduled Delivery and Door-to-Door Option

For any transportation option chosen, it is common for companies to offer two types of delivery: scheduled or regular. Scheduled deliveries take place on the date and time chosen by the client, making for a great option that won’t interfere with your routine or trip; while regular deliveries consist of picking up the vehicle when the truck is available for the same route chosen by you.

As you may know, scheduled deliveries can cost more depending on the company’s availability and most common routes. However, it is possible to negotiate prices and get special discounts.

Another advantage offered by transporters is the possibility of door-to-door service, which is nothing more than picking up and delivering the vehicle directly to garages or collection address/destination, completing the entire journey and possible transportation alteration within the same package.

The door-to-door service also has a higher transportation cost, however, it is very beneficial. Either way, in any option mentioned above, it is necessary to plan to ensure the best prices and conditions.

Vehicle Transportation Cost

 Before hiring a transportation company, the client must be aware that when shopping for rates, you must provide some information that will serve as a basis to determine the final delivery fee. All the information will be taken in consideration by the transportation company to calculate the operation costs, and it is extremely important so the contract is fulfilled correctly.

Size of vehicle

The size of the vehicle affects the space taken inside the car hauler. It is a factor that many times can interfere with truck availability. The company usually needs to evaluate the size of the vehicle before presenting delivery quotes.


The delivery cost to transport a vehicle is based on the traveling distance, that’s because companies need to calculate costs with partners, fuel, truck wear, etc. Therefore, the greater the distance, the higher will be the delivery cost.